4 Characteristics of a Good Lawyer

If you are planning on hiring a lawyer in Australia, but are unsure about who to use, it is important to look for certain qualities. To ensure you don’t just find any type of lawyer, you must assess everyone to guarantee they are the right fit for you. Here are the top 4 qualities to look for when hiring a lawyer for legal representation.


A first-class lawyer should be highly responsive, they must be available as much as possible to answer questions about your case. They should be aware of all the finer details to ensure they know how to effectively fight your corner. This is a quality that not a lot of lawyers have, and many clients only find this out after they’ve hired them. If they aren’t aware of your situation or they show a lack of interest, it will affect the outcome of your case in a negative way. If you have crucial information that must be given to your lawyer, but they aren’t aware of the situation, your entire case could fail.

Critical Thinking Skills

It is vital to hire a lawyer who can carefully analyse your case using all the information available. Any good lawyer will have exceptional analytical skills, enabling them to look at each case from a variety of angles.

For example, if you are looking for medical negligence lawyers in New South Wales, you’ll require a skilled individual who can assess your case and analyse the situation considering all points of view. All good lawyers can examine large amounts of information, divide it down into manageable pieces and pick out the most important points.

Social Skills

To properly understand their clients a lawyer must have excellent social skills, this is also important for when they enter the courtroom. If they can mix effectively with all kinds of people, it allows them to build positive relationships with their clients and members of the court. If they’ve a good relationship with numerous judges, there is a good chance that they’ll rule favourably when passing judgement. To better understand their clients, a lawyer must be able to relate to them, it gives them a clear picture of the situation helping them to dissect the information with increased clarity.

Language Skills

One of the most important things to look for in any type of lawyer is speaking skills, they must be able to get their point across clearly and concisely. Most lawyers are comfortable speaking in front of a large crowd, but many struggle to effectively get their point across. There is no point in having a good lawyer who understands your case, but can’t voice their opinion in court. A good lawyer can also explain complex terminology to their clients.

If you are searching for a good lawyer in NSW, it is important to look for these qualities. Use your time during consultations to assess each individual you encounter. Check to see whether the lawyer can effectively analyse your case and explain difficult law jargon in simple terms. They should also show a keen interest and offer logical ideas.  

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