Six Things an Experienced Wrongful Termination Attorney can Do for You

If you have been terminated by your boss, you might be asking whether you have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. But, if you strongly feel you have been wrongly let go by your employer, you must consult an experienced employment lawyer who can give you legal advice and determine whether or not your employer violated state and federal law.

Below are the main reasons you will want to start checking Grand Junction attorney reviews to hire a good lawyer:

Offer Legal Expertise

A wrongful termination lawyer has experience and expertise in dealing with cases like yours. Such expertise means that they have knowledge of the ins and outs of the employment law in your state. Also, the attorney can leverage a network of experts from a lot of fields to help with your case.

Get Evidence

Your attorney will review discovery documents and can determine what is relevant and helpful to your case. With their services, it can make it easier to get witnesses and subpoena them to answer essential questions regarding your case.

Internet Complicated Laws for You

If you are not familiar with employment laws and terms, they can be confusing and hard to understand. An experienced wrongful termination lawyer can go through the legalese and explain everything in simple terms to help you understand them. They will do this why trying to determine whether you have a case and how to best pursue it.

File Motions

In case your boss makes allegations of misconduct against you that are not true and could possibly damage your reputation, your lawyer can file motions to stop them.

File with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

A wrongful termination lawyer can file a breach of contract and a wrongful termination lawsuit. If warranted, they can file a discrimination charge before the qual Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC can give you and your employer the opportunity to engage in meditation to try to reach a voluntary agreement. Your attorney will also assess your claim to see if they can still file a charge with another agency like the National Labor Relations Board or OSHA.

Evaluate your Financial Loss

A lawyer who specializes in wrongful termination can assess your financial losses or damage. They will consider the pay and benefits you lost, punitive damages, and the emotional distress you suffered. If you win the case, you might be entitled to collect attorney’s fees.

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