4 Basic Services Provided by a Bankruptcy Law Firm

A bankruptcy law firm is an office that provides legal services to individuals who are in financial distress. When people file for bankruptcy, they often need help with more than just filing their case. This post will go over all of the services provided by a bankruptcy law firm, so you know what to expect when you hire one.

  1. Provide legal assistance

People filing for bankruptcy need to make sure they have the proper paperwork filled out and that it is filed correctly. They also need someone with knowledge of the court system to help them through every process. If you hire a firm that specializes in bankruptcies, then this will be their job.

The attorney can answer any questions you might have about filling out forms, what information needs to be included in each state, how long filings typically take, whether or not attorneys are necessary throughout different phases of your case (this varies depending on local rules), etc. The corporate bankruptcy attorney Dave Roemerman has over 30 years of experience and is knowledgeable about all bankruptcy-related issues.

  1. Represent you in court

If your case goes to trial, the attorney will represent you in front of the judge (or judges). The bankruptcy process can be lengthy and complicated. If any issues may result in a delay or additional filings, attorneys specializing in bankruptcies should know how to handle them quickly and efficiently.

They also have experience with filing motions on behalf of their clients when necessary. Whether someone has filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, they both include similar tasks like debt repayment plans that debtors must followers during these proceedings.

  1. Advise you on how to protect your property

People filing for bankruptcy often want to know what they can keep after their case is closed. That is why individuals must hire an attorney who understands the rules of exemptions, so if anything changes in the future, their clients will be prepared.

  1. Assist with the financial aspects of your case

Filing for bankruptcy can be a very emotional process, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of every little detail. Attorneys who specialize in bankruptcies are usually pretty good at staying on top of important dates when you have multiple creditors calling you all day long.


A bankruptcy law firm can be very helpful to people who are filing for bankruptcy. They provide lots of different services, including legal assistance, representing you in court if necessary, and advice on how to protect your property during the proceedings, and help with keeping track of important dates.

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