Are You Meeting the Personal Injury Lawyer for First Time?

If you meet with an accident and you are hurt then it is necessary to hire a suitable attorney, who can provide you necessary help and support to recover all losses incurred by you.

If you want to contact attorneys Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC for the first time, then you may be concerned about the kind of documentation you will need to bring during your first meeting.

People like you who never have dealt with any lawyer before may be confused before meeting any legal professional. Therefore, in this short write we shall discuss about all these.

Try to gather all the documents

No legal activities can proceed without any evidence and documents. Therefore, before you plan to meet the attorney, ensure that you have collected all necessary documents in order to initiate your first discussion with him.

But how will you know what are the necessary documents needed for your case?

In case, you are involved in any car or motorcycle accident then bring your accident report along with you. In case you do not have any such report then contact the nearest police station, where the actual accident occurred and collects a report from them.

Along with that, you must also bring all your medical reports obtained from the doctor who must have treated you after the accident. This must include all the medical bills, diagnosis report, discharge report from hospital and prescription etc.

In case you do not have all these documents then bring the list of doctors to whom you consulted along with their phone numbers, so that your attorney will gather all those from doctors.

In case you have taken any picture after the accident, the photo of the car or truck involved in the accident then bring that and also in case any dog has bitten you then bring the picture of that dog. Picture of the accidents are very useful evidence in your favor.

You also must bring all the insurance papers, your ID cards, any letter from the insurance company or any documentary evidence related to the accident.

In case, you have gathered the name of people involved in the accident and any witnesses then it will be great.

Also, before meeting your attorney, it will be nice if you can make your own report about everything that happened during the accident, so that the attorney can know your version of the accident.

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