Employee Lawyer: Learn Why It Is Important To Hire One
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Employee Lawyer: Learn Why It Is Important To Hire One

A lawyer who knows all the opponent’s peculiarities can make all the difference in building a strategic defense. Previously, we have prepared a post answering whether an employer can sue the employee. Now, we have decided to create a post about hiring a lawyer who advocates for employees.

Benefit 1: Knowing How The Other Side Thinks

Strategically defending yourself from a labor lawsuit is a challenging task. In the judicial sphere, the entrepreneur will be hostage to a single interpretation: that of the judge. For this reason, presenting a strategic labor defense is essential. The office with experience with workers knows all the possible tricks on the other side. It can even measure, with more security, the chances of the employee accepting a possible agreement.

At the time of hiring, the lawyer questions details seeking to understand the situation better, and, of course, this experience is a differential! At Jade Advocacia, we advocate for health professionals and telemarketing operators. Still, we have already had contact with professionals from several other areas, and we know well which cards a former employee can keep and the weak points of their allegations. A good lawyer should protect his client and share the best strategy based on good arguments.

The lawyer is responsible for an impeccable defense, and, of course, hiring a lawyer who is an entrepreneur who understands the pains of your business but who also knows in depth how the other side usually behaves can make all the difference in the process’s success. Learn more about brooklyn medical malpractice attorney at www.fuchsberg.com.

Benefit 2: Knowing The Possible Documents That Will Be Attached To The Process

If the lawyer has experience with workers, he certainly knows what the documents to be attached to a possible labor process are. In addition to the documents that identify the employee, for example, RG, CPF, and proof of residence, the employee will separate all the documentation of the employment contract, such as a copy of the employment card and the term of termination of the employment contract (if applicable). ), pay slips, and timesheets.

Generally, the employee is also instructed to separate photos, audio recordings, videos, and prints of conversations. Nowadays, technology can ally with new processes, and the employee will use these elements to reinforce his thesis. But, of course, the lawyer who also works for companies knows that in the labor courts, there is a discussion about whether this evidence can be accepted, especially if one of the individuals was not aware that he was being recorded.

Furthermore, nothing guarantees the phone number registered in the conversation and the conversation itself have not been changed. The qualified professional will request essential documents to understand the peculiarities of the case. Thus, knowing the peculiarities of both sides is a differential.