Guide 101: Everything Couples Must Know About Collaborative Divorce!
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Guide 101: Everything Couples Must Know About Collaborative Divorce!

Separating from someone you once loved is always complicated. Divorces can get complicated in no time, and unfortunately, warring partners/spouses end up taking wrong decisions, simply because they didn’t know much about the options. In this post, we are discussing a few aspects about collaborative divorce that couples need to know, and how working with an experienced law firm, such as Ken Phillips Law, can help.

What exactly is collaborative divorce?

If you and your partner are in a situation, where there is understanding and both can be civil to one another, a collaborative divorce might work for your case. As the name suggests, a collaborative divorce is ‘collaborative’, which simply means that both spouses agree to settle the matter amicably between themselves, with the help of their respective attorneys and without involving a court or a judge. Everything about collaborative divorce is private, and this kind of arrangement only works when both parties agree to it.

The requirements

As mentioned, both partners need to agree to collaborative divorce, and yes, they must have individual lawyers. The matter is typically settled through a series of meetings, which may also involve other neutral professionals, such as a mental health expert, finance expert, and a child specialist. The mental health professional will help both parties in managing their emotional and mental state during the process, while the finance expert will ensure that the financial settlement is just for both sides and division of property and assets is done as per a plan. If a child is involved, a child specialist will check that the arrangement is just for the child.

Working with an experienced lawyer

Your lawyer is key to success for a collaborative divorce. Make sure that you select a law firm that’s experienced, well-known and has the best team of lawyers and attorneys. They can guide you on every aspect, including the process and fees involved. Your lawyer will also ensure that the entire process remains just for you and your interests are protected.

In conclusion

Please note that collaborative divorce is not same mediated divorce. The latter is typically a situation when both parties are already in court and there is attempt to resolve the matter amicably. Talk to your lawyer in detail before collaborative divorce, because there are costs involved, and in most cases, these expenses are related to the professionals required for the process. The good news is that the world doesn’t need to know what’s happening in your case.