Guide to Selecting a Vandalism Damage Public Adjuster in Boca Raton

No one ever thinks their home will get vandalized until it does. You might own a beautiful home in Boca Raton, but it is still susceptible to vandalism damage from thieves and burglars. There is no telling how much damage that might occur from their criminal actions. That is why your homeowner’s insurance policy must cover vandalism damage. It will compensate you for everything that was damaged or stolen on your property by the thieves and burglars.

Insurance companies do a thorough investigation of vandalism damage claims. They want to make sure the claim is legitimate and not some kind of scam or hoax. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you file a police report immediately after you notice the vandalism damage. A police report will go a long way in proving the legitimacy of your insurance claim.

However, you cannot stop there. A good public adjuster will work with you and your insurance company to seek maximum coverage on your behalf. That is why you should seek out the services of a professional vandalism damage public adjuster in Boca Raton today.

Below is the best way to get started in your search for a public adjuster.

1) They Must Have a Florida Insurance License

Public adjusters cannot lawfully practice in Florida without an insurance license. You’d be surprised how many public adjusters there are out there who do not even have a license. Either that or they let their license expire, which is just as bad.

Your insurance company does everything by the book. If they discover that your public adjuster does not have a valid insurance license, they will deny your claim. Save yourself from this type of situation by verifying your public adjuster’s license before you hire them.

2) Research the Internet for Reviews

It is so easy to find customer reviews about any professional person or company in Florida. Go to Google and type in their name and the word “reviews” next to it. Search this term, and you should find listings with review pages that are dedicated to the public adjuster in question.

Obviously, you’ll want to choose a public adjuster who has mostly 5-star ratings and positive comments left for them. Make sure they’ve been reviewed at least ten or more times. That way, the reviews can be believed as legitimate.

3) They Must Specialize in Vandalism Damage

Vandalism damage is a unique type of property insurance claim. Your public adjuster must be qualified and experienced in investigating and negotiating vandalism damage claims with Florida insurance companies. A public adjuster who has handled fire damage or water damage claims would not qualify in this instance. They just have dealt specifically with burglary and theft-related claims in the past.

4) No Upfront Fees

Public adjusters work on commission only. That gives them an incentive to fight hard for a high settlement on your behalf. If they don’t negotiate a settlement that gets approved by the insurance company, then you do not owe the public adjuster anything. This is the typical arrangement anyway.

On the other hand, a shady public adjuster may try to persuade you to pay them some money upfront. They might call it an “inspection fee” or “consultation fee,” but these are bogus. A reputable public adjuster performs inspections and consultations for free. That is what you’ll want to find.

5) Have a Good Feeling About Them

If you’ve been around for a while, then it is easy to develop instincts about people. When you have your initial consultation with the public adjuster, you should feel comfortable with them. They should be helpful and not pressure you in any way.

Once you’ve verified their experience and credentials, trust your instincts from there if you feel comfortable with them. You should not have any doubts at all about their professionalism and sincerity before you hire them.

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