How Long Can You Recover from a Whiplash Injury After a Car Accident in Tacoma

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries including whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your head moves violently forward and backward due to the forces of impact during a car accident. This injury usually results in pain, reduced range of motion, and discomfort. How long you will recover from this injury depends on some factors. But because it is serious, you want to be compensated for it and other losses you have to endure because of it. This is where an experienced Tacoma car accident attorney can help you.  

Recovering from Whiplash

Studies show that the majority of those suffering from a whiplash injury can recover from it within a few weeks of their accident. In general, this period allows sufferers to fully recover from their injury without experiencing symptoms. But some whiplash injuries may take time to completely heal. A longer recovery time is expected when a patient experiences symptoms such as serious neck pain, pain that spreads to their arms, and a limited range of motion. In addition, recovery time is longer for those who experience rapid and intense symptoms. 

How Whiplash Injuries Can Become Serious

Doctors cannot predict how long it will take for you to recover from whiplash injuries. But the seriousness of your injury can be attributed to some factors such as a pre-existing pain or lower back injury, a history of whiplash, and involvement in a high-speed accident. Also, it can take longer for older patients to recover from whiplash. 

Common Symptoms of Whiplash Injuries

If you want to recover from whiplash injuries quickly, you need to get appropriate treatment. Knowing the symptoms of you may experience can help know when you should see a doctor. Common symptoms of whiplash injuries include headaches and pain, stiff neck, muscle spasms, reduced range of motion, memory issues, anxiety, and fatigue. Also, you may feel numb in your arms if you have whiplash. Other symptoms include upper back and shoulders tenderness. In general, your pain will become worse every time you move your neck.

When Can You Get Whiplash Injuries

A whiplash injury can occur whenever your head is moved violently.  This injury is common after a car accident. Rear-end crashes cause more of this than other types of motor vehicle accidents since the impacts will throw you forward and backward forcefully. But other accidents can also cause whiplash. It is important to seek legal guidance and help if you suffer from a whiplash injury in a Tacoma car accident. 

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