How Serious Are DUI Charges In Kansas? – Kansas DUI Laws

It is against the law in Kansas to drive under the influence of alcohol/ drugs (DUI). Charged with DUI in Topeka, KS? With the rise in the number of accidents, the state doesn’t take DUI cases lightly. There are penalties and prison time involved. Have you been charged for DUI? Are you currently feeling overwhelmed, confused, depressed and/or shameful?

Need for DUI attorney:

You have 14 days at your side to file a written request for a driver’s license and it is time to act quickly. You could look for leading drunk driving accident lawyers in Topeka KSIf a person has no prior legal experience, he/she will obviously find it challenging to go through the process. Since it is a serious offense, it is recommended to get legal help.

Some may look the need for an attorney and think that they can handle it themselves especially if this is the first time they are convicted for DUI. But the DUI laws aren’t to be taken lightly. A DUI charge has the power to negatively impact your life to a large extent. It could wreck your chances of employment.

Kansas DUI Laws:

A person is considered intoxicated if his/her Blood Alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or higher. This level is referred to as ‘Per Se’ BAC limit and it is definite evidence that you were driving when intoxicated. There is a ‘zero tolerance level’ for underage drinkers. For those less than 21 years of age, the BAC limit is 0.2. The criminal penalties are:

  • First offense: 100 hours of community service or 48 hours in prison and up to $1000 penalty. There could be license suspension.
  • Second offense: Up to 1 year in prison with up to $1750 penalty.

  • Third offense: Up to 1 year in prison with up to $2500 penalty.

For subsequent offenses expect higher fines and longer duration of driver’s license suspension. There are severe penalties for certain types of DUI like intoxicated driving with a passenger under 14 which will fetch a mandatory prison sentence for one month and manslaughter which will fetch 38 to 172 days in prison.

Select the right DUI attorney:

Rather than hiring a known acquaintance, look for specialists in the field. Avoid getting carried away by low fees as low fees could also imply below-par services. Avoid picking someone randomly from the newspaper/ magazine/ yellow pages. Choose an attorney after careful scrutiny. Do meet the attorney in person before deciding on him/her.

Legal help proves highly beneficial when it comes to DUI. An experienced attorney will strive to reduce the charges imposed.

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