If You Need an Employment Discrimination Lawyer, Here’s What You Should Know

If you have faced employment discrimination, then it is essential to remind yourself about your rights. On the basis of the complex nature of your case, hiring an employment discrimination attorney can be helpful. This article emphasizes on the factors you should consider that determines if you need to hire an employment discrimination attorney for your case.

What will the lawyer do?

  1. The assessment of the fact if your boss discriminated against you

Keep in mind that not all unfair treatment is unethical discrimination. For the latter to take place, you must be protected with one federal antidiscrimination laws. As a matter of fact, when it comes to discrimination laws, it set forth a huge list of particular definitions of protected ‘disabilities’. An employment discrimination attorney can ascertain if you are a part of the protected class or not. If you are, then it is enough to win a discrimination lawsuit. Your attorney will also help in ascertaining if your boss’ conduct was an adverse employment action associated with discrimination. If you are in the protected group, and if your boss took some adverse action against you doesn’t mean you have won the case completely, you need to present an evidence that your boss took the advantage of adverse action because of your protected status.

  1. Soliciting and presenting your case

Proving your boss’ intent is hard particularly as few employers can say it was biased or discriminatory. Rather, you need to solicit enough proof to sound a judge or jury sold that your boss took action for a discriminatory purpose. For instance, if your boss states that you were fired because of your poor performance, but your last recent performance reviews were excellent, then this may lead to a discriminatory motive. Soliciting evidence for a lawsuit is an important skill that an employment attorney may offer. Then, the key documents are subpoenaed and witness depositions are taken when the evidence is solicited. Getting the right document, testimony or any other proof makes a significant difference between winning or losing your case.

  1. Run a cost benefit analysis

One of the major pros to hire an employment lawyer is that they can draw on their expertise to run you via a cost benefit analysis. They will also show you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, the cost of discovery and trial, and the kind and amount of damages you can recover if you are winning the case. They will also inform you about probability of winning the case and any assessment changes as the case proceeds, so as to help you make some informed decisions along the way.

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