Importance of A Family Lawyer
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Importance of A Family Lawyer

We understand Family Law as the set of legal norms, which members of Civil Law regulate the Family, and understood as a natural and social institution. Every marriage, regardless of having children or not should have a Family Lawyer.

A Family Lawyer is responsible for providing legal advice to people who require their services in all those areas that refer to the family.

What exactly do family lawyers do?

Among the tasks that a Family Lawyer must attend include the following that we detailed below:

  • Marriage separations

It will be the figure of the lawyer specialized in matrimonial separations who will advise the spouses. Separation consists of the intermediate situation between marriage and divorce. The separated spouses remain legally married but end their life together, being able to reside in different homes and start separate and independent lives.

  • Divorce

The divorce must be requested and processed before a court that deals with civil or family issues. It consists in the legal dissolution of the marriage requested by one of the spouses. If it is a divorce by mutual agreement, the demand will be accompanied by a Regulatory Agreement negotiated by both parties

  • Express divorce

It is a new form of divorce that shortens the time and simplifies the procedures that a normal divorce entails. In order to carry out this type of divorce, there must be a mutual agreement between both spouses.

  • Marriage nullity

It is the invalidation of marriage to effects as if it had never existed. If there is nullity of an ecclesiastical marriage, any of the spouses may marry again.

  • Food pension claim

When a divorce occurs in which there are children, the alimony is that it is destined to the maintenance and guarantee of the basic needs of the same. The normal thing is that the food pension is up to 25 years and may be extended in some specific cases.

  • Shared guard and custody

As in the previous case, the custody and custody following a divorce will establish the bases in the regulatory agreement. The parents may agree in the regulatory agreement, or the Judge may decide, for the benefit of the children, that the custody and custody be exercised totally or partially by one of the spouses or in a shared manner. This is one area child custody lawyer Andrew Heft is popular for.

  • Divorce with family mediation

This type of divorce offers the possibility of reaching satisfactory agreements between the spouses. It is possible to reach an agreement in the couple regarding the separation of property, custody of the children, visitation regime, and many more.