Social Security Lawyer: What He Does

You must have heard the advice to seek a Social Security Lawyer for your retirement, haven’t you? Perhaps you are in doubt about applying for retirement, disability, or even reviewing a benefit you already receive. But do you know what this lawyer does and if you need him? The pension specialist lawyer is who you are looking for to deal with any pension matter. Ready to know everything about a subject so important for your future? Check out!

  1. What Does The Pension Lawyer Do?

It’s a huge area. This specialist solves social security issues that you have, such as:

  • pensions
  • disability benefits
  • death pension
  • maternity allowance
  • any social security benefits
  • pension fraud.

But, just as an orthopedic doctor specializes in knees, social security has specializations and different lawyers for each case. The most common is to find social security lawyers such as Kenton Koszdin Law Office  for example who only advocate against the government, with disability benefits and retirements.

Few pension offices advocate for:

  • public servants
  • military
  • supplementary pension schemes

If you have any of these schemes, we suggest a more careful search when hiring a professional such as social security disability lawyer los angeles for example. But you must be wondering: “is it necessary to hire a Social Security Lawyer for any social security issue?

  1. When NOT To Hire A Social Security Lawyer

Many cases do not require the presence of a lawyer. It’s when everything is so round and right that you can do everything yourself.

How to find out if this is your case?

The first step to knowing that you won’t have any problems with the government is to see if all your work periods and wages are correct

Check 3 pieces of information:

  • if all your contribution periods (that you worked) are there;
  • if all wages are there and are correct;
  • and has no pending items (indicators) in any bond.

In the end, you can see what each indicator means. You can celebrate if everything is right! Maybe you don’t need a lawyer – but I’ll tell you that this is rare.

The second step is to see if you don’t fall into the main work situations that the government gets wrong. If you don’t fit any point, there is a 99% chance your order will work out.

See if you:

  • worked in more than one job simultaneously
  • has contributed to other Regimes (worked as a public or military servant)
  • worked exposed to unhealthy agents (a lot of noise, vibration, chemicals, sick people, cold, heat) and dangerous agents (carrying a weapon, dangerous situations, exposed to electricity)
  • worked abroad
  • already had labor lawsuits
  • has periods away from the INSS
  • collected in arrears
  • worked without a registered license
  • worked as a self-employed person and worked for a company that did not collect his INSS
  • worked in a rural area or as an artisanal fisherman
  • worked as a disabled person

If you don’t fit into any of these situations, celebrate! You have a great chance of solving everything yourself without needing a lawyer. A good Social Security Lawyer will be very sincere and open with you, explaining when you need legal help and when you can file your claim on your own.

Golden tip! If you made any request (or another regime) and the request was denied or granted, we recommend you always look for a Social Security Lawyer to give an opinion on your case. If you have any unresolved claims, you can reverse the situation. If you no longer have rights, you have peace of mind knowing that the result was right.

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