Terms To Know For Settling Injury Claims In Rear Side Car Accident Cases

Damage to the self and the vehicle pinches a lot when it costs heavily to the pocket. That is why, there are insurance companies in California that provide cover against the damages common to an accident on road. For some people, a lawyer may not be easy to afford for settling claims. If you are one of those thinking, ‘how can a truck accident lawyer help?’ and what if I try settling it on my own; the answer lies in his expertise in documentation and legal terms.

Mostly, people want to know how to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer to avoid legal expenses. For lawyers, here is a quick way to reach new clients – Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need to know what to look for in SEO for lawyers.

They, therefore, must become accustomed with the terms used while proceedings. Here is a quick help with the terms.

Terms used during court proceedings

Damage: Damage covers loss of life and property. It also means financial obligation that arises due to requirement of repairing of vehicle and getting medical treatment. The victims can suffer to the extent of losing life in the worst case scenario.

Negligence: Any action that causes damage to the vehicle and people due to wrongful act of other person is covered under negligence. A person who is driving over the walking side or enters one way road from non-permitted direction is said to be accused of negligence.

Proximate cause: There are certain actions under the traffic rules that drivers need to do in order to enable safe driving.  Not using the side light on turning, or missing blowing horn on entering crossroad or blind turn are some of the proximate cause acts.

Liability: What erring person is responsible for in a road accident amounts to the liability. The damage of car, fitness, life and property becomes the liability of a person who does accident or who is proved guilty of causing the accident. Thus, the culprit is said to have liability of paying the damages or paying compensation in case of complete loss of vehicle, property or life.

Duty of care: A person is said to have missed doing duty of care if he is not following traffic rules while driving on road. As a part of duty of care, the driver is supposed to follow speed limit of the road, adhere to traffic light rules, and also care for fellow passengers and pedestrians on the road.

Kinds of injuries that are common in a rear-side car accident

Rear-end car accident mostly causes a sudden jerk in the body of car inmates which is actually the result of a big or speeding vehicle colliding with the car from the back. It is considered less fatal than the head on collision. It, however, does cause certain types of injuries that are recognized for compensation by insurance company. These injuries are:

  • Back injury: It is the most painful injury caused due to impact from back. Spinal cord injury can leave people incapacitated for life in worst case.
  • Whiplash: A sudden jerk in shoulder, neck and head caused due to traumatic impact of hit from the vehicle from rear. It causes severe pain in shoulder and neck
  • Seatbelt injury: Body tends to move forward in a snap leading to bruises caused by seatbelt in upper body parts.

So, knowing about these terms can help you settle claims with insurance company when lawyer help is not available.

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