The First 7 Things to Do If You Are Considering A Divorce
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The First 7 Things to Do If You Are Considering A Divorce

If there’s one thing a person never envisions when looking forward to a marriage is to someday prepare for a divorce. This can be a tough time and does require not only a significant emotional decision but also logistics, legal, and financial ramifications. Before you go and call a divorce lawyer in Houston or other cities, it helps first to research the necessary steps in the divorce process.

  1. Research and Educate Yourself

While you are currently weighing your situation, it helps to schedule an initial consultation with a competitive divorce attorney. Here you can have the chance to talk about the issues in the marriage as well as what your life situations will look like just in case it pushes through. It is recommended to interview with three to five lawyers and choose who among them you will most comfortable with and who has the best track record with handling these cases.

  1. Figure Out Your Strategy.

There are many situations in a marriage, which make divorce options quite varied, too. You can learn about divorce mediation, litigation, and collaborative divorces. You also have to assess your current economic situation, financial assets, child support, and child custody situations, as well as how these will change post-divorce.

  1. Evaluate Your Financial Standing

You have to look at how you currently are, as well as your spouse. A divorce envisions an equal allocation of your marital assets, but also your debts. First, you should estimate your properties. May it be your houses, vehicles, financial investments, artworks, pensions, and inheritances, they should all be accounted for. Next, you should get a copy of your credit report, as all debts under both of your names will be valued.

  1. Prepare Proof of Income

Start the documentation of your income. If you are employed, these can easily be collected by using your pay stubs and your income tax returns. If you are business owners, or self-employed, get your bank statements in handy.

  1. Establish Your Own Line of Credit

Building up their credit score is everyone’s problem. This can be harder when you are coming from a divorce. So, while you are still under the process, start getting your own credit card and regularly use it to build your line of credit.

  1. Terminate All Joint Accounts

Closing accounts before you start with the proceedings will be beneficial for both parties for this avoids extra charges. You can also freeze the cards if you have no means of closing them yet. Make sure bills are still continuously paid, and that you inform all your creditors of your current situation.

  1. Watch Your Behavior

While undergoing the process, make sure to be on your best attitude at all times. Anything inappropriate can be used against you, especially when talking about child custody. Try not to begin any affairs or relationships, as this can harm your chances.

Nobody really knows how extensive and rigorous a divorce process can be, as it is dependent on how the two parties are with each other. Your success will also be reliant on how excellent your divorce lawyer Houston is, so be careful in the choosing process.