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The Physical Impact of Traffic Accidents

If you get involved in a car crash, you might be lucky enough to get away with only minor injuries, such as a few bruises and scrapes. Even when you believe that your injuries are not severe, it’s in your best interest to immediately seek medical attention. Seemingly minor injuries can also be signs of much serious health issue. Besides, a traffic accident is likely to trigger an adrenaline rush and shock that might trick you into thinking that everything is okay.

Traffic accidents, according to Khan Law Firm PLLC, have physical, emotional, and financial impacts. This article majorly focuses on the physical impacts of auto accidents.

Soft tissue damage

Ligaments, muscles, and tendons can sustain short-term or long-term damage because of sudden, awakened movements that you might experience in a traffic accident. For instance, rear-end car collisions might cause a driver’s or passenger’s head to snap back and forth in a sudden, violent motion. This can strain soft tissue around the neck area and cause whiplash. This injury can cause discomfort and chronic pain.


Individuals who get involved in traffic accidents might suffer minor or deep cuts, particularly when they contact flying debris, sharp metal, or broken glass. If the patient doesn’t get the cut treated on time, they might develop impetigo, a skin infection. Improper treatment could lead to cellulitis or even life-threatening infections such as sepsis.  Deep cuts leave permanent scars that can be removed via expensive surgery.


Generally, burns occur in traffic accidents in which the gas tank and fuel line raptures and trigger an explosion. The drivers or passengers may also suffer thermal burns in case they come into contact with a burning part of the vehicle. Other injuries would occur due to friction, particularly if the victim was dragged for a distance.

According to Mayo Clinic, burns can result in permanent scarring and other related issues such as contractures and skin tightening.

Spine cord and back injuries

The entire back area is always susceptible to minor or severe injuries during an auto accident. Victims of auto accidents may suffer bulging or slipped disc. Lower back injuries are also very common. The impact of the crash can aggravate an existing back issue.

On the other hand, the accident victims might suffer damage to the network of nerves in the spine. This can lead to partial or total permanent paralysis. This condition can cause other health complications like pressure ulcers.


During a vehicle crash, the drivers and passengers get thrown around. These sudden movements can lead to bone fractures in the arms, wrists, ankles, ribs, or collarbone. Minor fractures can heal within a few weeks, while severe fractures take months or more than a year to heal.

Other injuries associated with traffic accidents include loss of limbs, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, and in the worst-case scenario, death. The law allows victims of traffic accidents to seek compensation for the injuries they suffered. So, consult with an experienced lawyer who can help you handle this process.

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