The Top 3 Benefits For Setting Up Your Medical Power Of Attorney Today.

Everyone wants to live until they are one hundred, but not at the expense of poor health and if it means going through many years of pain to get there, then the majority of us would rather check out before then. It isn’t the length of your life, but it’s the quality of it that counts and so if you get ill and are unable to make decisions yourself, you want someone that knows you, loves you and who understands what you would want, to be in charge of whether a medical procedure is to be allowed or not. It’s called a power of attorney and if it isn’t in place, then your doctor is compelled to keep you alive no matter what the circumstances.

There are legal firms that can draw up a medical power of attorney in Bath and getting this document drafted gives you much more control of the outcomes regarding your time in a hospital in the UK. There are many benefits to having one.

  1. You can set out whilst you are still here and in good health, your wishes should you become very ill and incapacitated. If you don’t wish to be treated after a certain point, then that can be made known to whomever you give the medical power of attorney to.

  1. As mentioned, doctors will resuscitate you every time your heart stops and they will do this again and again as it is their duty. If you would rather leave at that time, you can put it in your wishes.

  1. It really takes away the hard decisions that need to be made by your next of kin. This is the kindest and most loving thing that you can do for your immediate family members.

Don’t wait until you can’t do it anymore, get your medical power of attorney drawn up today and get the peace of mind that it delivers.









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