When To Go Through A Legal Platform?

Finding legal help or Lawyer for Business for example is now easier than ever. Thanks to the various platforms and legal tech that have appeared, you can find the information and/or online legal advice you need to decide with a few clicks. In theory, at least.

Because if the legal assistance solutions and the offers of online lawyers are more numerous than ever, it is difficult to find one’s way. Sometimes even to find the right sites, as the jargon of legal professionals can be complicated. Legal platforms offer good value for money for drafting standardized articles of association and taking care of creation formalities.

From our point of view, they are ideal for entrepreneurs who start their businesses. As soon as the drafting of the articles of association must be personalized, as when two people join forces or when an entrepreneur plans to open up his share capital, it becomes essential to go through a board that will be able to defend the interest of the founder in the articles of association. of his business.

The Differences Between The Platforms

Many online legal platforms offer online legal services with different types of benefits. To make your choice, it is important to distinguish them according to criteria that will make a difference in the basic added value they offer you. From our point of view, the platforms can be distinguished according to the following criteria:

  • The prices held
  • The speed of service
  • The quality of after-sales service

Conversely, it does not seem useful to include the following characteristics among your selection criteria:

Legal advice: indeed, the only advice that the platforms can provide concerns the use of their tool! You will not get advice from them on the choice of your status, the interest of a tax regime, or the opportunity to opt for a variable capital company.

The quality of the options offered. The options (accounting, domiciliation, insurance, bank, etc.) being outsourced and industrialized are rarely suitable for creators. It is much more interesting and effective for a leader to choose his partners and advisers.

What Is A Lawyer (Online Or Not)? What Is The Difference With The Lawyer?

The jurist is a legal professional authorized to advise or draft certain acts. He generally works for a single company, within which he carries out a so-called “corporate lawyer” mission (unlike the lawyer mandated for his client or clients).

The other important difference between a jurist and a lawyer: is that only the lawyer such as Business Contract Lawyer in Buffalo, NY for example is authorized to give legal advice. A lawyer can find the information you need and present it to you as it is (“Here’s what the law says”), but only a lawyer can give you personalized advice (“Here’s what you should do in your situation”). The distinction is subtle but very important: a lawyer is not qualified to give you legal “advice.” If the online lawyer you use gives you personalized legal advice, be careful: it is technically illegal.

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