Why Hire a Car Crash Attorney In New Jersey?
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Why Hire a Car Crash Attorney In New Jersey?

Although Cars are the most used mode of transport in New Jersey, they have record the highest statistics when it comes to accidents for centuries. Today, it does not pass a month without a significant story in the news or social media about car collision accidents or an essential victory for car crash attorney in New Jersey.

 Often, these accidents result in victims suffering serious injuries that might lead to permanent injuries or even worse death. To be on the safe side, you need to have a car crash attorney in NJ to represent you in case of such unforeseen eventualities.

If you suffer injuries from a car crash resulting from another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive economic and non-economic compensation such as your medical bills, future wage loss from missed work, physical impairments or disfigurement, pain, and suffering.

Never hesitate to contact a car crash attorney NJ to find out if you have a solid case against the person that caused your accident. Most of the car crash attorneys’ offer free consultation fees for victims; it is during these times that the attorney determines if they can take up your case or not.

What a new jersey car crush attorney can do for you.

Victims of a car crash often get confused about their next move of either to pursue or not to pursue a claim against the at-fault party.  Getting in touch with a well-experienced car crash attorney in New Jersey can help you with the much need clarity for how you may be able to proceed forward.

It will be the responsibility of your lawyer to determine whether the other party was at default and if you are fully entitled to compensation for your injuries and troubles.

Additionally, a car crash attorney will assist you through the cumbersome legal process of establishing the other party’s liability for your financial and medical condition.  To build a solid case against the other party, the attorney will investigate and piece together the following:

  1. The actual accident report from the police
  2. Evidence such as photos and video footage taken from the accident scene
  3. Your medical report to determine the degree of your injuries.
  4. The at-fault party’s driving records
  5. Witness statements

Notably, New jersey has imposed a two-year statute of limitation on personal injury claims, including automobile collision. This basically means that you are required to file for a lawsuit within two years after the accident or you stand a chance of losing your right to pursue compensation.

For this reason, it is essential to schedule a free consultation with a car crash attorney as soon as possible to determine if you have a valid case against the other party. A reasonable attorney will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Click here to find out more.


Most of the time car accidents leave victims with serious injuries that require extensive medical procedures and treatments to heal, and often the victims are required to take sick off from their work stations while on their recovery phase.

Furthermore, car crash injuries negatively impact the lifestyle of victims by affecting their independence abilities. It is for this reason that the victims are entitled to several types of compensations to help in their full or partial recovery. This includes:

  1. Lost wages during the recovery period
  2. Medical expenses, including corrective surgery, rehabilitation, and assistive equipment if need be.
  3. Cost of caregivers in case of permanent disabilities that hampers the victim’s independence.
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Loss of companionship
  6. Loss of reputation and enjoyment of life

To learn more on car crash compensation, see this link https://resources.lawinfo.com/personal-injury/new-jersey/.


After a car crash accident, there are specific necessary procedures that you should take that may assist you in securing your claim and your right to pursue compensation. This includes:

  1. Seek medical attention
  2. Document the accident scene
  3. Collect information from the at-fault party
  4. Inform law enforcement of the accident
  5. Collect witness’ information
  6. Gather copies of your medical records

Following the accident, you will immediately be contacted by the insurance company to write a statement about the crash. However, you should first consult with your car crash attorney before making any recordings with your insurance company.